Digital Contract Automation

Digital Contract Automation

We manage the entire lifecycle of contracts beginning from internal contract requests to the final signatures and archiving. Accelerate the approvals of contracts. Automate review and a keep check on all steps in the life cycle of the contract. Digital standard contract templates can be created and reused to avoid repetition of work. Follow responses and alterations between internal and third-party stakeholders. Enable many stakeholders to view the latest versions of the contract every time, simultaneously. Configure automatic reports for renewal of contract or any changes. View, edit, sign and approve contracts from anywhere. Mobile access helps get faster approval of contracts and agreements. Contracts can be reviewed from any device that is connected with the internet. Contracts can be approved from a laptop, smartphone or tablet, with the aid of digital signatures. .

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Capturing Intent - In many cases, electronic signature has equal functionality as a signature on paper. Easy creation of a legal agreement, as typically no special forms are required to become binding. The thing of importance is that both transacting parties understand each other’s intent to become bound, and state that intention in a clear and detailed manner. User Authentication & Identifying Data - Every document that is signed using our system is fixed with a data package that is used for the unique identification of the participants, along with a detailed examination of every action taken by their account. We compute the hashes of every document that is stored. These are then used to guarantee cryptographically that no interference has taken place since the time of signing. Forensic Engine – An advanced array of digital forensic evidence which when used in combination with the cryptographic systems of our background processes, verify every action taken on a document. Data which includes associated IP addresses, user behavior, interaction snapshots, accurate timestamps and other collateral help to ensure that the maximum level of legal enforce-ability is followed. The evidence we generate is admissible by the court and can be highly depended upon.

A basis for complete management of contract

Our software offers all basic functions for complete digital management of your contracts which includes the meeting of deadlines and appointments and the incorporation of external agents involved in the contract. Electronic contract record forms the basis of this and can be implemented easily and quickly within an existing IT structure. Every company is not the same, and the same is true for every contract. With us, specific requirements of your organization and the contract management you wish to have can be obtained. To ensure this there are both the underlying functions of our system and a large number of options available for extending it, such as contract creation, optimization of contract processes or working with contract data.