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Maximize Conversions with Website Chatbots

Right from website visitors to leads to customers, your website chatbot can maximize your conversions across the channel through doing the right conversations at the right time.

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In 2022, 88%

Web users interacted with a chatbot in 2022


Users choose chatbots more than web forms to obtain solutions


Brands use web chatbots to generate top quality leads


Users shop from brands’ websites they are able to chat with

Capture and Nurture Top Quality Leads

Do not let your Target Audience get lost in the deluge of information & forms on your website. Understand Target Audience sentiment to customize experiences and generate top quality leads anytime they are ready.

Conversational Marketing

Create Unforgettable Buying Experiences for the Customers

Make use of the power of customization to suggest products and services best for your customers. In order to shorten the buying cycle and increase your sales, surpass customer expectations.

Commerce Capabilities

Provide full-fledged customer support

Take advantage of automation to support your customers with any kind of questions or doubts they May have and only escalate queries that need human touch to your agents to increase efficiency at half the costs.

Customer Support

Lead Conversations that Win Customers

LeGarde Burnett will help you get a lot more from your website

Tailor-made Intelligence for Your Brand
We understand the finer technicalities of your industry, products, customer expectations and much more that is why we personalize our Intelligence to meet the specific requirements of your brand.  Conversations
Go Global with 130+ Languages
Build relations with your customers throughout geographies and not let language be a barrier among you two.  Conversations
Make Data-driven Decisions
Get insights from your customer conversations and back your decisions with information - not just instinct.  Conversations

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