Meet Our Team

At LeGarde Burnett, we consider our team as our most valuable asset of the company and pay special attention to their professional growth. We offer them great opportunities to improve their knowledge and technical skills by providing professional training and study aids for new technologies.

We encourage them to propose their own concepts and innovations for both current and future projects.

The Leadership Team

The Advisory Board

Our Technical Team

Our Approach

We operate a design studio with a team whose skills encompass the spectrum of creative media – from inspirational writing to award-winning 2D/3D animation, web & graphic design and mobile app development. Regardless of whether you come to us with a simple brief or a complex challenge, our response is always the same: flexible, enthusiastic and committed. We enjoy working with you to achieve success. And we have a lot of runs on the board to prove it. We don’t sit on our hands. Every campaign is tracked and measured to suit today’s dynamic market and ensure that you get the best return for your marketing dollar.

We are totally committed to market, audience, and budget. Every project, every client, is different. We make sure that we listen closely and fully understand the client’s needs before we come up with a creative but realistic and cost-effective solution. To achieve that solution, we familiarize ourselves with each client’s brand and objectives and work with the client in an open, collaborative-way. We pride ourselves on long, mutually rewarding relationships, working across all sectors with clients large and small.