Google Business Messages

Meet Prospects When They Are Looking For You

Engage directly with prospects the moment they look for your brand Name on the search engines, Google maps as well as websites and provide accurate responses and also enhance first response time by automating queries.

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Of Product Queries Happen on Google


Searches carried out on Google every day


Increase in Local


Consumers choose Engaging With Brands Directly

Develop Loyal Customer Relationships

  • Allow prospects to interact with your brand in just a few clicks, decreasing friction points and speeding up the buying journey
  • Obtain a deeper knowledge of your prospects and create a persuasive narrative that turns leads, conversions, and customer loyalty.
  • Provide a unified experience, run by legarde burnett, combining chatbots and live agents to solve customer queries quickly and effectively, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Lead Secure & User-Focused Conversations

  • Incorporate Google business messages with legarde burnett’s live agent tool to provide live agent support
  • Engage users with Rich media content for example carousels, recommended response, photos, and much more.
  • Seamlessly focus on buyers at various phases of their journey right from discovery to consideration to purchase to post-purchase.

Smart Skills

End-to-End Customer Engagement Made Simple

  • Offer fast as well as precise responses within the channel without the user being redirected
  • Proceed through omni-channel with customer support and accomplish drive optimum end-to-end query resolution rate.
  • Drive customer retention with exclusive discount rates as well as referral programs, while enhancing customer satisfaction along with exceptional post-purchase support.

Conversational Commerce

An AI-Powered, User-Friendly Conversational Experience

Tap into best-in-class NLU, analytics & more for exceptional customer engagement

Organic Language Understanding
Provide the most human-like conversational encounter by using LeGarde Burnett’s industry-leading NLU. Explore platform  Conversations
Intelligent Analytics
Reveal deep insights from real-time conversation data by utilizing Smart Funnels, AI suggestions, CSAT as well as NPS. Explore platform  Conversations
Out-of-the-Box Channels & Integrations
Provide elevated customer experience by utilizing effective out-of-the-box integrations that unify all your CX tools. Explore platform  Conversations

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