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Indulge Your Customers on Messenger

Approaching people on Facebook messenger May help you generate sales, acquire new leads, and even support customers.

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Your Advertisements Can Perform Better

Utilize the power of conversational advertisements and commute users directly from Facebook feed to messenger! Let’s deal with it - one-size-fits-all landing pages only just Don’t cut it anymore. With legarde burnett, you can personalize recommendations for every customer and make use of automated conversations on Facebook messenger.

Conversational Ads

Qualify & Nurture Leads

Make use of Facebook chatbots to interact with prospects and gain insights to their requirements and further use this information to convert them into loyal customers and also set up a more significant relationship with them. If needed then its very easy to transfer the conversation to a live salesperson .

Conversational Marketing

Provide a Smooth Shopping Experience

With legarde burnett, you can easily bring your entire product catalog to Facebook messenger. However it gets a lot better from there! Your customers should be able to compare products and go through customer reviews before adding them to their cart for checkout - all without leaving behind the ease of messenger. Isn’t that amazing?

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Increase Customer Engagement on Facebook Messenger

Boost your campaign’s performance using the power of messenger & Legarde Burnett’s solutions

Advertisement Targeting & User Segmentation
Collect insights from real conversations to generate targeted audiences for the advertisements and improve campaign overall performance.  Conversations
Rich Interactive Experiences
Schedule appointments, display image galleries, give shopping catalogs, carry out surveys and a lot more all within just Facebook messenger.  Conversations
Out-of-the-box Integrations
Link your messenger bot together with your live agent tool, CRM, ecommerce shop as well as other existing platforms to offer unique customer experiences.  Conversations

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