Prestashop Catalogue Management Services

Prestashop Catalogue Management

There is no more difficult job than managing your PrestaShop online store by altering the images and attributes of the products that are present or updating your store with the newest products you have. This procedure would be time-consuming, and it would also require your complete attention to make sure that every element was updated and correct.

The issue with handling your online store's inventory on your own is that it limits your ability to handle other issues, like your store's marketing requirements and other things. You would run the chance of alienating your potential clients and seeing a decline in sales as a result. Another danger is that you run the risk of making mistakes and errors if you are not used to managing your catalogue, which could hurt your sales and your business.

Hiring the services of an expert Catalogue Management team would be the best method to solve this issue, and LeGarde Burnett offers you just the same. Our PrestaShop E-commerce Catalogue Management team handles all your catalogue management requirements, including updating, adding, or changing products, adding, or updating product details, and anything else you might require.

Our catalogue management team is very skilled at conducting studies and identifying the most pertinent information. Our Catalogue Management Team will look everywhere possible, including the manufacturer's website, paper catalogues, the internet, and everything else, to ensure they have all the information necessary to update your product specifics. They would make sure that all products were properly put in the categories and subcategories where they belong, that all images were clear and accurate, and that all content was impeccable and compelling enough to draw in customers.

So never let a poorly organised or confusing product catalogue page prevent you from making a transaction. Join forces with LeGarde Burnett to meet all your product management requirements, show a clean and organised product page that gives customers can access to their preferred products with convenience, and more.

We Provide the Following Services Through Prestashop Inventory Management:

Category Management

Prestashop Category Management

Product Attributes

Product Attribute Management

Product Descriptions

SEO Friendly Product Description

Inventory Management

Prestashop Inventory Management

Bulk Product Upload

Bulk Product Upload

Shopify Product Image Editing Services

Updating/Uploading Product Images